Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Fun with SiteMeter

In a hurry today, so I'm just going to leave you all with some interesting (and often amusing) searches that led people to this blog:

* Judy Blume lesson plans: Huh. Faked you out with the Teach for America entry, hey? Sorry.

* Remove broken capillaries in face from Honolulu: Once again, Blogspot, I don't need this. Yes, I've been to Honolulu, but as far as I know, it hasn't caused any broken capillaries in my face, so why you would lead this searcher to my online doorstep, I have no clue, other than I suspect it's some sort of vindictive, artificially intelligent conspiracy. Between this and "Fat Woman Sad," you're making me sound REALLY attractive here....

* Nigerian shoe and bag: (I have no idea why this person would be led here. I talked about Kenya the other day. Your poor geography knowledge is showing, Blogspot. Why don't you just go on Jay Leno's Battle of the Jaywalking All-Stars while you're at it?)

* How do you make a coffinette?: (Eeeuwww. You won't find out here. Creeeeeeepy!)

* "I'm saying I love you, and I'm saying it out loud.": (Line from the end of The Cutting Edge. Glad I could help.)

* cheese factory in Random Lake: (What?! Somebody actually searched for the Random Lake cheese factory?!?! That's hilarious! Although now I feel a little guilty for calling it smelly, seeing as this very cheese factory has been the source of many happy, cheese-filled childhood moments. To make up for it, here's a ringing endorsement: This would be the Cedar Valley Cheese Factory on Hwy. 57 in Random Lake, WI, and they excellent cheese curds and string cheese, and also a very nice sharp cheddar.)

* Blue Oyster Cult "sulfa jet city": (:::snort::: Um, it's "Suffragette City," and that would be David Bowie's song. Don't feel bad. I used to think that the Steve Miller Band's "Big Old Jet Airliner" was "Bingo, Jed Had a Light On.")

* sexual pages for older ladies: (Um, sorry to disappoint, but you'll find no older ladies trolling for creepy Internet pervs here. Not even sure you'll find any ladies here, as I may be too snarky to qualify....)

* that's great it starts with an earthquake: (That would be the opening line to "It's the End of the World As We Know It" by REM. Again, glad I could help.)


Karen said...

Older ladies may have found themselves a great author to read while they're here!

I love seeing how people searched and found my site. My favorite is "bikini bottoms babe". Don't think they expected a restaurant review when they found me from that.

Tracy Montoya said...

What an odd search phrase! People can be so weird....

Anyway, Karen, you win a free book, per my "O Frabjous Day" post. Email me and let me know if you want one from my backlist ( on BOOKS), or a random selection from my library donation box.

Jane said...

When George and I published THE BREATHLESS MOMENT, you can't believe what led people there. Or, perhaps, with the name of that publication, you can. I didn't realize people search for those words. Sometimes I'm really naive.

Great blog from a FABULOUS author. (I'm not the one who worte other nice things earlier or told you to send the book to a nursing home.)

Tracy Montoya said...

Too funny, Jane. I miss your ezine. Thanks so much for the visit!

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