Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Fat Woman Sad

Here's why today is probably going to suck:

Whenever I'm procrastinating, I have this ridiculous habit of either Googling myself (to see if there are any odd reviews of my books out there), or playing with the SiteMeter on my blog to see if anyone bothers to read this mess. (FYI, I'm not narcissistic, I swear! I'll do anything to avoid writing, and Googling yourself is fun when you have a weird last name, because all sorts of weird things come up.)

So I was checking out the Referral section of SiteMeter, and to my horror, I discovered that SOMEONE happened upon my blog while searching Blogspot for "fat woman sad."

FAT WOMAN SAD?!?!?!?! What the crunk is that? First of all, I'm not sad. Snarky by nature, yes, but I have a lot to be grateful for and I'm grateful for it every day. Given that, I couldn't be sad if I tried. Second, sure, I'm a woman, and sure, seven weeks after having baby number two, I could use an extreme stomach makeover. But does Blogspot have to slap me in the face with that fact by putting me high up on a list of sad fat women? For the record, Blogspot, I had a c-section and COULDN'T exercise for six of the past seven weeks. And I had to take that extra week to catalog my exercise video collection--because everyone knows you can't start exercising with an unalphabetized exercise video collection. It just wouldn't be right.

Not to mention, Blogspot, that playing upon the insecurities of a woman who's recently given birth and is dealing with enough post-partum crap is mean and not good business. And furthermore, Blogspot, segregating blogs by weight smacks of discrimination. You should be more preoccupied with my mind, Blogspot, my mind. Not the junk in my trunk.

Fat woman sad. Feh.

It's enough to make a girl switch to LiveJournal.

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