Saturday, April 22, 2006

Free Book Winners

The winners of free books are: Karen, Laura, and Anonymous who posted on the "O Frabjous Day!" entry. (I know, I said post on the other entries, but it was such a nice comment.)

Winners, please email me and let me know which backlist title you want (or if you want a random book from my library donation pile).

Paula Graves also won, but she said someone else could have her book. Paula, if you want a free book from my library donation pile, I have some good Intrigues in there!


HollyJacobs said...

Hi, Tracy!

Love the blog!!


TrishJ said...


Thanks a lot for giving me ONE MORE THING TO DO in my life. I now have a blog because I was trying to post on YOUR blog, and thought I had to have a password to do comments. Yeah, so I'm blonde. I guess I needed a blog, anyway.

I love ya anyway! GREAT blog, I will visit more often for your random words of wisdom.


Tracy Montoya said...

Thanks, Holly and Trish! Holl, I love that you used your book cover as your photo--I might steal that....

Trish, I'm cracking up. Well, have fun with the blog--I'll be visiting!

Karen said...

Thanks Tracy! Email sent - can't wait to read House of Secrets!

(Geesh... I've seriously got to see someone about my !! addiction !! )

HollyJacobs said...


Steal away. To be honest, I find looking at a cover (if it's a good one) is generally more fun than looking at a picture of me. I am not known for taking good pictures. Just had one taken for a passport and it's truly the worst thing ever. Really. She tilted my head weird so I look as if I have multiple chins, then waited until my eyes were almost closed, which gave me that everso attractive "high" look. (I wasn't. LOL) I'm having another one taken next week because honestly, a picture like that would have me being searched at any and every international airport!! LOL


Tracy Montoya said...

Karen, I'll get it in the mail this week. (!!)

Holly, I can't take decent photos either--I always look like someone is trying to steal my soul. My mother is the same way. Too funny about the passport photo! Mine is actually not that bad, except my hair looks stringy.

HollyJacobs said...

I'll let you know how the next one goes...I'll be thrilled if it's okay except for stringy hair!! LOL


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