Friday, April 21, 2006

O Frabjous Day! / Free Books

I think I've at least hinted before about what a sinkhole last year was in terms of my writing--between an international move, moving into our new house by myself while pregnant, being pregnant, and worrying about my husband in Iraq for six months, I didn't write a whole lot. Actually, I hardly wrote at all. So I'm overjoyed to report that I finally put a partial in the mail to Intrigue. Now it just has to be accepted, but I'll worry about that later.

To celebrate, I thought I'd conduct a little experiment, since it's been quiet here lately. The first three people (lurkers, this includes you) to comment on a blog post here (any post EXCEPT this one) can have a free book from my backlist--your choice.

And if you win but don't want a free book from my backlist, I'll grab a random one out of my library donation box.


Anonymous said...


I'm so glad you're writing again! (That's a huge fan being thrilled she'll have more books coming out!) I can't imagine the year you went through. (That's the fellow wife and mother who is thrilled your husband's home safe and you and the baby are good!)

Tracy Montoya said...

Thank you! What a nice thing to find in the morning. : ) BTW, you win a free book, too.

Anonymous said...

Ah, Tracy, rumor has it you're trying to find out who your anonymous poster is. LOL I'll never tell. And I'd be jumping up and down at the thought of winning one of your books, but I already own them all! So, if you don't mind, take my win and donate it to a local nursing home. I know the residents here at home (I'm not saying where that is!) always love having books donated! They'll love so enjoy reading yours!

(And just to leave no doubt...I'm not in anyway related to Tracy, not a neighbor, not a coworker...just a very, very big fan who's thrilled she's writing again!!)

(Oh, and I should probably clarify, I'm not a stalker sort of big fan...LOL)

Your fan

Jen said...

What a fabulous idea! I was checking out Paula Grave's blog and she plugged your free book give away. And since it had the magic word "Free".....
What a chaotic time for you. Amazing you got a partial mail, much less written. Congrats.
Can I steal your idea? (When I'm published of course, LOL)

Tracy Montoya said...

Thanks again, Anonymous! : )

Jen, I'll be donating Anonymous's copy, but I'd be happy to send you one in her place. Just let me know which title you want. And of course you can steal my idea! Hope you have the opportunity to do so soon!

Jen said...

Tracy what a great promotion. I sent my address to you via a previous comment (since you have your moderation on). Thank you and I hope I get to become a fan. No, not the stalking kind.

Tracy Montoya said...

What, Jen, you didn't want me to post your address for the free world?

I'll get your book in the mail this week!

Jen said...

I suppose I didn't have anything to worry about. Nobody is stalking me yet.
Well, that I know of.
Thanks again.

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