Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Some interesting links I've come across recently:

* Author Kathy Carmichael has an automatic "Pitch Generator" up on her website that is kind of fun to play with. My resulting pitch blew, but that's no fault of Kathy's. I can't blurb to save my life.

* Mariann has a link to a recipe for Thin Mints up on her blog. Must try those since I missed the Girl Scouts this year.

* Crooked Trails, an eco-travel company that organizes cultural exchange trips around the world, has a new trip to Kenya listed on their site. The great thing about Crooked Trails is that they work hard to ensure that you have a chance to truly get to know the Thai Hill People, or the Quechua in Peru, or the Maasai in Kenya--rather than just tramping through villages and taking pictures of "those people" like the stereotypical clueless traveler. You stay with local people, eat with local people, hang out and work side-by-side with local people, and, unless you're a big jerk, you'll leave with a group of new friends from your host country after your 2-to-3-week stay is up. In the spirit of leaving a vacation spot better than you found it, Crooked Trails travel groups generally work with locals on various projects, from making bricks for a school to mapping hiking trails for future travelers to building solar showers. Plus, there's plenty of time for sight-seeing: the Peru trip includes a trek up a portion of the Inca Trail to Macchu Picchu, and the Kenya trip includes a visit with Maasai trackers to a wildlife preserve. I've been dreaming of going on both trips, but the Kenya one has captured my imagination at the moment. Unfortunately, I both lack the funds and the ability to leave my kids for two weeks at present, but maybe someday when Jose and I find a pile of money.... Crooked Trails was highly recommended by a friend who went on their Thailand trip a couple of years ago, and I've been impressed by the owners when I've talked with them (for a couple of articles I've written).

"Seven Days to a 40-percent Less Scatterbrained Me" Update: Utterly forgot to brush teeth with wrong hand and close eyes in shower. (Sigh.) Will attempt to do better tomorrow.


Peter said...

Sadly, the link for crooked trails seems to be broken. That sounds fantastic. If only I could convince tv-holic that he won't get Malaria!

Tracy Montoya said...

Peter, I fixed the link--thanks for letting me know. I think I'd have a hard time convincing Jose to go for similar reasons. He's a lot more prone to skeezing out if he's not staying in a posh hotel. : P

mariann said...

Update to the link for the thin mints... I've moved domains. :)

Tracy Montoya said...

Thanks for the update, Mariann. I was just going to email you! If you like, please let me know your new URL when you have a moment.

mariann said... is my newish home... I've gone back and forth between mariwood and mamawrite over the past two years. Guess it's time for another switch!

Tracy Montoya said...

You know, Mariann, I guess I could have clicked on your name to figure that out. Synapses weren't firing this morning, I guess. Thanks for the update!

Peter said...

Did you really just say "hiding from a Louisiana-based serial killer in California"? Hurry up and finish three and four, that's a story I want to read!

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