Saturday, March 25, 2006

A Few Things

I'm overjoyed to report that Chris over at the Scribbling Goddesses and Mary at the Bandwagon both finaled in the Romance Writers of America's Golden Heart contest. Basically, this is THE contest to win as a pre-publication author--you get lots of attention, an extra look from agents and editors, a ribbon for your RWA conference badge to flap in the faces of people who may have rejected your work, and, if you win, a cute gold necklace. Good luck, you two!

Mariann just informed me that she's switching domains, so no one has probably been able to find the Thin Mints link on her blog that I posted a few days ago, as it is AWOL at the moment. If you want the recipe, go here. I'll update Mariann's link on the left as soon as I know where she is.

And finally, Peter over at Melrose St. has developed a habit of posting some rather clever limericks about the American Idol contestants hither and yon. He buried this one about Kellie Pickler in the comments of another blog, and as it's worthy of a wider distribution, here it is:

From trailer to Idol came Kellie,
who itched and scratched at her belly.
She never stopped talking,
and dressed for street walking.
Post-season she'll work at a deli.

Seven Days to a Less-Scatterbrained Me Update: Darnit! I completely forgot to brush my teeth with the wrong hand and shower with my eyes closed. This is starting to feel slightly hopeless....


MaryF said...

Thanks, Tracy!

The Queen-a Athena said...

Oh, thank you, sweets! Can't wait until Atlanta to give you a giant hug.

And even though I haven't been watching Amerian Idol at all this time around, I lvoed the limerick. Too funny!

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