Sunday, March 05, 2006

Ahhhh, closure

I've officially decided that I'm boring when I'm not cranky. That "My Favorite Things" post should probably have been titled "My Favorite Sleep Inducers." Not to knock on the excellence of Dagoba Chocolate or my Preserve toothbrush, but what a yawnfest. Therefore, I am kicking my new leaf to the curb and resurrecting my old, ranty one. I'm not a big fan of change anyway....

So, revisiting my post about The Cutting Edge: I just rented and watched the extras on the new Gold Medal Edition DVD, which came out last Tuesday. That killed all of 15 minutes or so, making the new Gold Medal Edition a complete ripoff if one were to purchase it in stores. The documentary was probably all of ten minutes long and consisted solely of interviews with Moira Kelly and DB Sweeney talking about how great it was making the film, and how great it was to learn to skate in three months, and how great it was to star with each other, etc., etc. Then there was a preview for the sequel, and ... wait for it ... the original trailer. Ooooh. I could barely contain myself.

HOWEVER, I am pleased to report that after fourteen years, I finally have closure, and for that alone, the DVD is worth the rental fee. I watched the preview on the DVD for The Cutting Edge 2: Going for the Gold, and it officially confirmed that Doug and Kate did win the gold medal at the Olympics thanks to their newfound love and the laws-of-physics-defying Pamchenko. It also officially confirmed that the film is pretty much going to be god-grindingly awful. And finally, it confirmed that Moira Kelly and DB Sweeney wouldn't touch this sequel with a ten-foot pole covered in a biohazard suit--their roles are played by two middling actors who don't even bother trying to recreate the mannerisms or delivery of their predecessors. And, tragically, Kate and Doug's daughter and her surfer nemesis and skating partner are not coached by the so-cute-you-could-squeeze-him Anton Pamchenko, but by Kate the Sequel. (Doug the Sequel is a sports commentator.)

Ah, well. The sequel premieres March 12 on ABC Family, in case anyone wants to join me for what is sure to be a cringefest. (An ice skater and a surfer. Ay.)

And speaking of potential cringefests, I also watched the Keira Knightley Pride & Prejudice, and I have to say, it isn't as bad as I'd expected. Knightley's no Jennifer Ehle, choosing instead to play Elizabeth as brimming over with youthful exuberance and a loud, shrill laugh, rather than giving her the calm intelligence Ehle did. But you know, for all my kvetching over this casting choice, she wasn't half bad.

The only things that really bothered me about this film were: 1) They had to leave out quite a bit of the book to shove P&P into a two-hour film. 2) The actress who played Mrs. Bennett was a pale imitation of the actress who played her so hilariously in the BBC miniseries. 3) Though Darcy was cute and had a deep, accented voice that I could have listened to for hours, he didn't give Darcy the layers that Colin Firth did. 4) And finally, this version did not have a scene where Darcy goes swimming, and for that alone, the BBC version is superior.

But sadly, the latest P&P isn't worth a rant. Oh, well, Keira Knightley, I'll get you next time. Maybe I'll go rent Domino....


MaryF said...

LOL, I was pleasantly surprised by P&P, enough to buy it! I know, I can't believe it, either.

Mariann said...

Domino was surprisingly enjoyable. Not high entertainment, but a solid B movie with strong action sequences and supporting characters, plus a twisty plot. Kiera Knightly is still too damn skinny, but she made a capable heroine and I had fun with the movie.

Tracy Montoya said...

Mary, I'd heard enough good things about it that I bought P&P, too. I'm glad I did--I'm sure I'll want to rewatch it when I don't have five hours to kill with the BBC version.

And Mariann, too bad about Domino being decent! Guess Keira Knightley is here to stay. I just hope she won't become so overexposed again like she did after Pirates of the Caribbean--I think seeing her EVERYWHERE was the source of my dislike for her.

That, and the fact that homegirl needs a donut.

Mariann said...

I have mixed feelings about Kiera Knightley. I really liked her in Love, Actually and Episode I, which were both small parts. She also a certain ethereal beauty in costume, whether SFF or historical, that makes me believe she has breathed life into her character. A bit bratty in Bend It Like Beckham and hamming it up in King Arthur... haven't seen P&P yet, but it's in my Netflix queue.

Anyway, at the tender age of twenty, Kiera can have... well, a bit of an attitude that's less than appealing. She's been blessed with beauty and talent at an early stage in her career, and she's knows it so the arrogance can really through in print or televised interviews. And, yeah, she needs a donut. And a steak. Maybe some ice cream and pizza.

Dammit, I'm hungry now.

Tom said...

Enough with Pride and Prejudice! Who cares?! What about Indiana Jones IV?!

Tracy Montoya said...

(Everyone, meet my brother.) Tom, I will be happy to blog on Indiana Jones IV with just as much enthusiasm if they ever start MAKING the darn thing. At this point, I'll believe this alleged "good script" exists when I see pictures in US Weekly of Calista Flockhart hanging around the set in Africa. SO there.

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