Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Queen Nerd

A couple of friends of mine and I once held an informal contest to see which, among us, was the nerdiest. For the life of me, I can't remember why, but I ended up winning the title of Queen Nerd--though their attempts at dethroning me were formidable.

Anyway, in honor of that conversation--which just flashed into my head for some inexplicable reason--and my subsequent coronation, here's a list of the nerdiest things about me.

* I'm obsessed with figure skating, and I actually feel like doing violence over the cryptic new judging system.

* I own a Darth Tater. (*cough* It's Maggie's. * cough*) And I now want an Artoo Potatoo.

* I'm coveting the Jane Austen action figure that I saw in a catalog the other day. (Yes, I've read all of her books, including the unfinished ones. And her juvenalia. And her letters.)

* I have watched the entire five-hour BBC Pride & Prejudice miniseries on an annual basis for the last decade.

* I played the trombone in high school and actually won a first place medal with my trombone solo at a state competition. (Actually, I think that's what won me the Queen Nerd title.)

* I went to Girl Scout camp in junior high and performed a synchronized swim routine to the song "Greased Lightning." (And I'm pretty sure that cinched it.)

* I've seen the old school Star Wars trilogy way too many times.

* I dressed my husband and I as black and white film stars (with white body paint, black makeup, and black, white, and gray clothes) for Halloween a couple of years ago. Clever? Or nerdy? You decide.

* I like reading about politics.

* I know in gross detail why Jack Abramoff sucks and found it hilarious that his father took George Clooney to task for making fun of him at the Golden Globes.

* I own an ungodly amount of books. (Who doesn't?)

* I occasionally read feminist theory/literary criticism for fun.

* I hate it when I don't belong to a book club.

* I work for an environmental and social justice nonprofit.

* I once scared Clinton's Undersecretary of Commerce and Trade out of a press room by asking too many nerdy questions about the administration's free trade policy.

* I like karaoke.

* I still have a notebook full of deep and misunderstood poetry from college. (Kept as a reminder of why I should never, ever be a poet.)

* I do well enough on standardized tests that I could join MENSA--if I were willing to pay for it. (Note: I'm not bragging--I firmly believe that standardized tests are not an accurate measure of intelligence and have known plenty of incredibly smart people who either freeze or just bomb when they're tested.)

* I once took an adult education class in DC on FBI investigation techniques.

* I took flamenco lessons and would love to get back to it once I am able to sleep for a decent amount of time again. Although I still think flamenco is kinda cool and not nerdy....

And finally: I'm legally blind without my glasses/contacts, so I do the nerdy squint-and-crash-into-stuff thing really well.


The Queen-a Athena said...

Hey, there is NOTHING nerdy about the first Star Wars trilogy. Nothing at all. How could anything with Harrison possibly be nerdy?

But as for the new figure skating system ... sigh. I'm not even going to attempt to figure it out. There are some things a bear of little brain should not have to process, and this is one of them.

Tracy Montoya said...

OK, true. See, I don't think my obsession with Star Wars is nerdy, but I've been told otherwise....

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