Wednesday, February 01, 2006

My Name is (Not) Earl

While I was listing my favorite TV shows, I totally forgot my all-time favorite sitcom EVAH, My Name is Earl. Not only does the show genuinely make me laugh, but the acting is fab, and the show even leaves you with a warm fuzzy at the end of each episode when Earl rights a wrong from his list. (Not to mention, who can resist lines like, "Ain't no use running, fool. I know where your mama parks your house?") And, God bless the producers, there's no horrible, canned laugh track.

I've always liked Jason Lee, who generally looks like he's about to crack himself up in every role he plays--and rightfully so. Funny guy. I can see why he slowed down a promising movie career to star in Earl. Plus, you have to respect a good-looking man who grows the ugliest facial hair imaginable and sports terrible hair, all to bring a character to life.

Not to mention, the show has reportedly gotten people to think about their own karma and ways to right past wrongs that they've committed. As for me, if I had any sort of memory whatsoever after having two kids, I might think about my own, as well. But seriously, I seem to have just FORGOTTEN any past wrongs that I haven't atoned for. Well, except for this guy that I broke up with years ago by ignoring him and hoping he'd go away. (After a few rebuffed attempts at communication, he did.) Even though it was YEARS ago, I've always felt bad about that--ignoring someone and hoping they'd go away is not nice, and I wish I'd taken the non-cowardly route. On the other hand, the reason I started ignoring him and hoping he'd go away is because he was controlling (or, rather, he tried to be. SO doesn't work with me.), and he was imperious with and mean to people in customer service positions. Does it excuse ignoring him and hoping he'd go away? Probably not. So Dude whom I ignored and hoped would go away, I know you're not reading this, but maybe on a subconscious level you'll know that somewhere out in the ether, there's an apology floating out there telling you I've always felt guilty about not dumping you properly and with good manners.

And that's all the atonement on that one I can manage. I bet Earl would have done better. : /


Mariann said...

Hooray for Earl... DH and I also enjoy the show, and Randy is my favorite character. He's so simple and sweet. I can just see the hamster in his brain, spinning the wheel that drives his childlike thinking. Thumbs up!

Tracy Montoya said...

Randy is great! I can't pick a favorite character--they all crack me up. Although I am impressed that though they included a Latina maid (which usually sets me off on a big rant), Catalina isn't a stereotype.

MaryF said...

I love Earl! Definitely appointment TV!

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