Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Finding His Child on eHarlequin

I just discovered that my April 2007 Intrigue, Finding His Child, is now available on early release exclusively at eHarlequin.com. (It will be available on Amazon, BN.com, and at your local Intrigue-carrying bookstore around April 10th.) This is Sabrina's story from my Mission: Family series, but I created it as a spin-off, so it stands completely on its own--i.e., if you haven't read the Mission series, you won't miss anything.

The book got 4 stars from RT BookReviews (I'll let you know if I get off my booty and send it anywhere else for review) which said, "Finding His Child is a first-rate mystery laden with chilling psychological suspense and the anguish of a parent's worst nightmare.

If you're now dying to know what worst nightmare, here's the blurb from the back cover:

He would do whatever it took to find his daughter.

It had been six long months since his beautiful daughter had disappeared. When another girl was kidnapped in the Washington State woods, Detective Aaron Donovan was convinced that the two crimes were related. After joining the search-and-rescue team, Aaron was forced to work with top-notch tracker Sabrina Adelante … and try to ignore the attraction they’d shared before his world was shattered. Offering up his military sniper skills, Aaron helped the group uncover some helpful clues. But then Sabrina nearly became a madman’s next victim, and Aaron wondered how he could possibly get close to another woman he cared about when he just might lose her.

Then again, how could he afford not to?


Mariann said...

I'm looking forward to finding this in my local bookstore. Congrats on a new title!

Tracy Montoya said...

Thanks so much, Mariann! Buying local is always better.... (Although when I actually go into a bookstore, I always end up coming out with more than I intended.)

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