Saturday, February 24, 2007

Tracy Montoya en francais!

So basically, international translations of my books equals lots of dorky fun for me. And a few more royalties. And so I'm happy to announce that Harlequin France has published another one of my books. I think it's House of Secrets--they titled it "The Price of the Truth," and I haven't yet received my copy to muddle through with my poor French and see which one it is for sure.

Previously, Harlequin France had published Maximum Security, my 2004 Intrigue, and I confess, I was a little bummed that they chose not to publish anything from the Mission: Family series. But apparently they did in Oct. 2006! Yay! I can like France again! (Kidding. I'm only kidding.)

Also out from the Mission series is House of Secrets from an unknown Scandinavian country (HUS! Leyanndorrona, or something like that. I'm not near my shelves.), and an Icelandic version of Next of Kin. I think all three made it down under to Australia and New Zealand.
Anyhoo, the cover is, of course, above. The house is a lot junkier looking than it is in the book, but it DOES look scary, does it not? And Emma is not ugly, so I am pleased.


Cathy in AK said...

Tres bien, mon amie.

Okay, that's the end of my French.

The cover is quite cool, though.

I want to be like you and Sharron when I grow up, all posting covers and such!

Jen said...

Tres Bonne. I think.
How exciting that all must be to see your titles in so many different languages.
Very cool, Tracy.

Tracy Montoya said...

Thanks, Cathy! I'm sure we'll see you en francais soon!

Tracy Montoya said...

Thanks, Jen! It is kinda fun. : )

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