Thursday, June 22, 2006

Excuse for Not Blogging

I've been foregoing blogging lately to concentrate on trying to finish the partial for my single title non-suspense that has been lurking in my head since the beginning of time. Yesterday, I finished chapter three, hated it, and was convinced that the book blew and its life and mine as a writer were over. Today I moved most of chapter three into chapter two, fleshed it out a bit, and now I've realized that it's Not Bad.

I'm officially an idiot.


Jen said...

Nah. Just the usual writers stuff that happens. Chapter three is tough.
Details! Details! Let me know what you're working on.

The Queen-a Athena said...

Good for you, Tracy. You're not an idiot - just trying something new and different, where the steps will be smaller & slower until you feel more certain of where you're going. I, for one, can't wait to hear more about this new direction!!

mariann said...

Today, I bumped a scene that was ending the first chapter into the beginning of the third chapter. It's totally off my outline, which makes me nervous, but fits that much better.

I can't wait to hear more about your single title project!

Tracy Montoya said...

Oooh, peer pressure....

Basically, it's a "latina lit," for lack of a better term. I keep throwing jokes into my suspense, so I started it as an outlet for my weird sense of humor. I can't blurb to save my life, so I'll just say it's about a family that starts coming apart and puts itself back together in a better and stronger way--particularly after the mother and oldest daughter stop letting life happen to them and start taking control. That's pretty general, but if I start yammering about specifics, I'll start sounding like the Band Camp girl from the American Pie movies....

Long story short, latina lit with a serious side.

Tracy Montoya said...

Mariann, you sound just like me--I write off a pretty strict outline, too, though I do stray from it every now and then. When I do, it usually ends up stronger, so trust yourself! You'll figure it out.

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