Friday, June 02, 2006


So I'd just started Ann Voss Peterson's June Intrigue Serial Bride when my July issue of the oft-renamed RT BookReviews magazine arrived. Seeing as magazines are much more conducive to multi-tasking, I immediately opened RT, set it on the floor, and started reading it while I was feeding Marin. (Background: Serial Bride is the first of a three-book miniseries, coming out in consecutive months like my Mission: Family books did.)

I did my usual fast flip through most of it (intending to go back and read more carefully later), pausing near the end to read the Intrigue reviews. And there, in the first sentence of the review for Ann's second book in the series, Evidence of Marriage, the reviewer oh-so-helpfully reveals the name of the heretofore surprise villain from the first book.



Jen said...

Man I hate spoilers. They could at least warn you. This is actually good for me, since I need to review books for Romance Divas. Do not reveal entire plot. Give the reader a reason to buy (or not buy) the book.
Sorry they spoiled it for you. Hopefully the romance is interesting enough to read anyway.

Tracy Montoya said...

Thanks, Jen! I'm sure you won't be spoiling anything for anyone. I need to check out Romance Divas--it's always fun to read review sites. (Like I NEED more book recommendations.)

Anonymous said...

The reviewer did ruin one of the big surprises, but that's not the only mystery in SERIAL BRIDE, Tracy. There's more. I promise. ;)

And thanks for picking up the book! I adored your Mission Family series. I hope you like the Wedding Mission.

Man, are we the Mission twins or what?

And now my mission is to check out Romance Divas!

Ann Voss Peterson

Tracy Montoya said...

Ann, I finished Serial Bride and loved it. Dryden Kane is SUCH an excellent villain. Lucky me, I get two more to read in July and August--too cool.

And yeah, I guess we are Mission twins. Ha!

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