Saturday, January 10, 2009

16 Random Factoids About Me

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My friend Miriam tagged me with a request to write down 16 random factoids about myself. It's like those surveys you get in the mail--I can't stop myself from doing these things. So if you're tagged and feel so inclined, write down 16 random factoids about YOURSELF, then tag 16 friends--including me so I can read them. (My friends are tagged via Facebook, FYI.) Have fun!

1) People who talk about themselves in the third person make me want to shove a metal bucket on their heads and clang it with a spoon until they stop.

2) I have a Master’s degree in English lit with distinction from Boston College. And I write category romance novels. Somewhere, someone probably has a “Slacker Alumni” list in their hands with me in the number one position.

3) I have a little scar on my forehead that obliterated my widow’s peak from an incident when I was four years old, standing on a table, and belting out Cher’s “Half-Breed” at the top of my little lungs. I fell off said table and hit my head on one of those ancient coiled metal radiators. It’s the one and only time I’ve ever had stitches.

4) Just this week, I called my daughter Maggie “Chuck” for most of the day at her insistence. I also congratulated her a few weeks ago on her marriage to her bedroom curtain, which she calls "my little curtain."

5) I LOVE adventure video games, and am anxiously awaiting the third and presumably final segment in the Longest Journey/Dreamfall series.

6) I love Longest Journey so much, I contemplated moving to Oslo, Norway and applying for a game writer job with Funcom so I could work on the creators’ next adventure game.

7) Although I love the South, I can’t stand living in Florida. I put this down to a combination of scorpions in my house and weird, ubiquitous “grass” that feels like rows of blunt razor blades under your feet.

8) After researching search and rescue foot trackers for Finding His Child, I nearly chucked it all to go train to become a tracker.

9) After researching FBI agents for Maximum Security, I nearly chucked it all to apply to the FBI academy. I was wicked devastated when I turned 36 and realized this option was no longer available to me unless I suddenly picked up flawless Arabic/Farsi/or other Middle Eastern language.

10) I worshipped Wonder Woman and the Bionic Woman as a kid. Lindsay Wagner was in my office once when I worked in Washington state, but I didn’t know it until she left, so I only saw the back of her head and did not worship it. This is probably a good thing for Lindsay, as there would have been some serious fan-girling going on, otherwise.

11) I have a rather serious book-buying addiction.

12) I just bought HD Tivo today and am ridiculously excited about it.

13) I became a somewhat shrill and militant feminist at the age of 7, after my third-grade teacher introduced me to the biography section of the library and I read a succession of bios of several Suffragettes.

14) I think The Suffragettes would make a fabulous band name.

15) Though I might be too old for it, I love and adore and refuse to part with my Janis Joplin T-shirt.

16) When I have laryngitis, my favorite thing to do is belt out "Piece of My Heart" until I lose my voice completely, because it's the only time I remotely sound like the late, great Janis.

Anyone else want to play? Consider yourself tagged!

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