Thursday, December 27, 2007

Contest Winner!


Apologies for not posting the winner of my "What's Sophie Saying?" cover contest on the 23rd, like I promised. I was stuck in the wilds of western Florida with very spotty Internet access (the horror!).

Just as a reminder, the Alex in my December Intrigue, Telling Secrets, is 26-years-old and wouldn't be caught dead wearing a patchy leather vest that looks like it belongs to one of the Village People, so I invited people to look at the book's cover (pictured above) and send me their best guess as to what "Sophie" is whispering to "Alex."

My impartial judges (i.e. my brothers Tom and Troy and sister-in-law Suzanne) had a hard time coming to an agreement, but they finally decided on a winner! And since it was so close, we also picked a second-place winner.

The winner of the $25 bookstore gift certificate and copy of one of my backlist books is Cathy Pegau! Here's her winning entry:

"I said, 'WHERE'S THE 26-YEAR-OLD?' Turn up the hearing aid, Gramps!"

And the second place winner, who will get a copy of one of my backlist books, is Jennifer Y. with the following:

"Don't look now, but I think that deer over there is related to the hide you're wearing. He looks angry."

Jennifer Y. and Cathy, please email me your addresses so I can send out your prizes this week.

We also had several honorable mentions:

1) "Are you wearing the matching loin cloth?" --Jenn. G.

2) "Mmmmm ... naugahyde." --Sharron McClellan

3) "Next time you want to take on a bet, please tell me about it first, I would not have wished to be seen with you wearing this thing." --Nathalie

4) "The smell of Deep Woods OFF makes me HOT!" -- Denver Gman

5) "This isn't a time-travel, buddy. Back to the 70s with you!" --Cathy Pegau

Thank you to everyone who entered and helped me mock the vest. I'm really glad my brothers and SIL helped me out, because I was at a complete loss to pick a winner. There were plenty of other entries that cracked me up, as well, so take a look at the comments to the original contest entry on this blog if you want to see more.

BTW, I'll be blogging at the Intrigue Authors site tomorrow, so there's still one more chance to win a free book from yours truly. All you have to do is show up tomorrow and comment, and you'll be entered in a random drawing.

Happy holidays!


Jennifer Y. said...

Thank you!

Cathy in AK said...

Yay! Thanks Tracy, Tom, Troy and Suzanne! There were some great entries. I quickly learned I had to swallow any drink before checking them out.

Jennifer said...

LOL Thanks for the Honorable Mention! It was fun coming up with something.

Jen G

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