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(Was the title a bit of overkill? I just woke up and can't tell....)

Anyway, today is the launch day of my first-ever contest in honor of my December 2007 Intrigue, Telling Secrets. So read on, and enter! Up for grabs is a $25 gift certificate to BookSense or Barnes & Noble, and a copy of any book from my backlist.

Alex and Sophie were two of those characters who really "popped" for me. And, like most writers, I have a very solid mental picture of what they look like. It's always a bit of a jolt to get a cover artist's interpretation of what is fixed so firmly in my head, but with Telling Secrets, that jolt was more like a massive earthquake.

I described Alex as a 26-year-old Adam Beach with short hair. That would be this:

But with short hair.

The cover artist saw this:

Now why this guy is most definitely eye candy, he is not Alex. (Nor, for that matter, is he 26.) And I can't imagine what the model's reaction was when someone handed him that vest. For the record, Alex, a search and rescue tracker in the Washington state temperate rainforest, wears sweatshirts, his beloved Mariners ball cap, a Patagonia parka, and a good pair of hiking boots for most of the book, and wouldn't be caught dead in that vest--mainly because IT'S THE DEAD OF WINTER.

But you know, interesting covers happen. And I do like his arms, Sophie works, and the trees in the background are nice.

So on to the contest bit: On my December cover, Sophie is obviously whispering something into Alex's ear. Send me your best guess as to what that is--either by sending me an email (TracyMontoya @ -- without the spaces), or commenting here on my blog (any entry). I'll choose my favorite by Dec. 25, and, again, the winner will get a $25 gift certificate to BookSense (good at select independent bookstores nationwide) or Barnes & Noble (if there's no BookSense store near you) and any book you want from my backlist, including out-of-print ones.

Some examples to get you started:

Sophie is saying:

1) 1970 called. You can so totally keep the vest.

2) Young man, there's no need to feel down, I said, young man....

3) The toxins in my bloodstream will render you helpless in minutes.... (Obscure comic-book reference courtesy of my brother Troy. It's hilarious if you get the context.)


Cathy in AK said...

How many entries can we post? 'Cuz I have a few in mind ;)

Tracy Montoya said...

You can post as many as you want. I am especially looking forward to what kind of snark you and Sharron come up with! : )

Cathy in AK said...

1) "Oooo, is that real buckskin? That's so hot. Not!"

2) "This isn't a Time Travel, buddy. Back to the '70s with you!"

3) "I said, 'WHERE'S THE 26 YEAR OLD?' Turn up the hearing aid, Gramps!"

Give me time, I'll come up with more ;)

Angryromancegrrl said...


DenverGman said...

1. The smell of Deep Woods OFF makes me HOT.
2. If he had a more alarmed look on his face, she might be saying "I'm preganant and you're the father."
3. Take me to your secret place.
4. Did you hear that?
5. What are we going to do when they find out?
6. Are we there yet?
7. How much further are we going to have to walk.
8. My feet hurt, can you carry me? I'll make it worth your while.
9. You smell like a dirty boy.
10. I know this is an odd time to tell you, but I love you.
11. Is that a GUN in your pocket?

MA said...

I suck at caption contests, but here's my attempt:

"Okay, Sam... this will be an easy one. Ziggy says that all you have to do is burn this guy's vest so that this chick will do him, and you can leap out of 1971. *beep-beep* Oh, wait. Ziggy says there's a 62 percent probability that you'll find a half dozen more vests like it in the closet, so check everywhere."

Like I said, I suck at caption contests.

HollyJacobs said...


How about she's not whispering...she's humming, "YMCA..." LOL

Despite the cover hero's lack of fashion sense, I can't wait for the book, because I know inside the covers I'll fall in love with him!!


Steph M said...

"Oh, baby. I have just the place for you to put that choker."
(hey, erotic romance writer here)
"I've got just the man for you..."
(and I've also got this thing for Kevin and Scotty on Brothers and Sisters)

Cathy in AK said...

"Honey, have you been watching 'Queer Eye' again?"

"We're standing in poison oak. No, no. Don't scratch there."

(Obviously I have waaay too much time on my hands. But this is loads of fun!)

Tracy Montoya said...

OK, you all, these are cracking me up! Not a terrible one in the bunch. I'll probably have my brothers judge without me, because I don't think I can decide!

Tracy Montoya said...

Because I have no short-term memory and AOL sometimes eats things, I'm keeping a blog record of entries that come in by email. So far we have....

* Lisa with, "[Alex], I'm worried about you health. I've never seen you dressed like this before. Lets get you home and we will play doctor until I can figure out what is wrong with you."

* Ruth with, " time, why don't you let me take you shopping?"

* And Trish with, "Alex," whispered Sophie. "If you would, please take off the vest and put on your parka. Once you get warm your ...ummm....shrinkage problem might be reversed."

ReneeRyan said...

Okay, this one popped into my mind right away"

"Trust me, baby, I can even turn a gay man straight. Just wait and see..."

JaneP said...

Tracy, you know how bad I am at this sort of thing, but I'll try.

"Baby, do you know THE BAMBA?"

DenverGman said...

"Have you considered having your ears waxed?"
"If you leave that vest lying around the cabin, consider it gone."
"Are you sure your name isn't Lou?"
"That spray-on tan stuff really works...until it gets wet, and we ARE in a Rain Forest."
"I'm ready for you, my latin Favio, take me now."
"The smell of the woods, the texture of your vest, and your musky manhood are pushing me too far!"
"I know about you and my sister, and I'm okay with it."

squiresj said...

How about she is not whispering but rather nibbling on his ear. She is trying to arouse him.

re said...

"mm you smell good babe"

"let me taste you"

"i just farted "

Cathy in AK said...

Another one just popped into my wee head.

"Ooo, I have those same earrings!"

Tracy Montoya said...

Nice one, Cathy! LOL!

Had a couple more via email.

Christy sent in two:

Isn't this game fun? And, everyone is so busy looking at your vest, they'll never guess you're wearing my panties.

Oh! Don't you just love working at the Cutey and Beauty Hair Salon?

And Diane sent this: were younger and were not dressed it seems that vest is here to stay....

Lily said...

Stop checking that half-naked girl out or...

Hon, I don't think we'll be home at 6!!

Nathalie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nathalie said...

Next time you want to take on a bet, please tell me about it first, I would not have wished to be seen with you wearing this thing!!!

Nathalie said...

First entry has a typo error:

Hum... I think you should button up that jacket... don't want to getting a poison ivy rash!!

PS: Being a med student and having seen the consequences to this... he needs to be more covered up if he wants to play hero in the forest!

Anonymous said...

Ok, big boy - your bed or mine?

Did you bring protection?

Where the heck are we anyway?

Have you done this before?

Pat L.

Jennifer Y. said...

"Dad, thanks for the piggy-back ride"

"Remind me to sign you up for 'What Not to Wear'"

"My, what big arms you have!"

"What do you mean by it's 1970?"

"Shhh, they are all looking at you."

"I know...don't ask, don't tell'"

"I am sure they are laughing with you, not at you. You just don't seem to be laughing."

"Are you standing in a hole? Or is it quicksand? You seem to be shrinking."

"I'll still love you in the morning."

"Do they make that vest in my size? We could match!"

"Hey, you forgot your shirt."

"Don't look now, but I think that deer over there is related to hide you are wearing. He looks angry."

"I am sooo telling Santa that you are wearing Rudolph now! Naughty list for you!"

"I see dead people."

"Maybe next year you'll get the matching pants."

That's it for now!

Jennifer Y. said...

"Psst...I am really your daughter."

"If we see anyone we know, behind the tree you go. Don't want them to think we are together."

Okay...thought of more.

Tracy Montoya said...

Got a few more in by email...

Karen H. sent: "Darling, let me introduce you to my stylist."

Dianne sent: " were younger and were not dressed it seems that vest is here to stay...."

Jenn G. sent several: "Ouuu... naughty-hyde!"

"Mmmm, I love a man in cougar pelt..."

"Hey Tonto, how about taking off that vest and wrapping yourself in me?"

"Are you wearing the matching loin cloth?"

Tracy Montoya said...

Thanks so much for entering, everyone! These are great! Since I can't decide, my impartial judges (my brothers and SIL) are now gathering up their favorites and will make a selection in my place. I'll do my best to post the winner on Dec. 23, although we'll be traveling so it depends on whether I can find an Internet connection.

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