Sunday, April 27, 2008

When Galaxies Collide (or Random Worry #3)

You all probably already noticed that the Hubble telescope just took some amazing photos of two galaxies colliding. I thought I'd share the intellectually riveting conversation Jose and I had about them. (As an excuse, let me just say that we were both checking email at the time--he on our ancient desktop PC, and I on my laptop. Our conversations usually go a little better than this....)

TRACY: Did you see these Hubble photos?

JOSE: Of what?

TRACY: The two galaxies colliding?


TRACY: There are two galaxies colliding.

JOSE: Cool.

TRACY: What if there are aliens living in one of those galaxies?

JOSE: Poor aliens.

TRACY: That would suck, to just be milling about, minding your own business, and this galaxy comes and collides with yours.

JOSE: Mmmm. Yeah.

TRACY: You know, that's really scary!

JOSE: Why?

TRACY: Um, because it's a GALAXY!!! Colliding with one that looks a LOT like ours.

JOSE: Huh.

TRACY: The offending galaxy is just this lumpy little mess, but the other one that's just sitting there is all swirly, like ours.


TRACY: SOOOO, what if a galaxy came and collided with us!?

JOSE: I think we'd know if a galaxy was going to collide with us!

TRACY: Yeah, but it's not like we could do anything about it. At least with a meteor, we kind of have a chance. But you can't send the Shuttle up to divert an entire freaking galaxy.

JOSE: Oh. Yeah. ... Guess not.


Cathy in AK said...

I saw the picture but didn't realize it was colliding galaxies. Man, that would suck. Bad day on a cosmic level.

Tracy Montoya said...


Angryromancegrrl said...

I wonder what happens when they do it. Screech of brakes? Call Geico?

Cathy in AK said...

"Hello, Geico? Yeah, some SOB galaxy just rear-ended my galaxy. Am I covered?"

Tracy Montoya said...

:::snort::: Only you two would treat the potential death of millions of aliens so lightly! ; )

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