Monday, January 07, 2008


Intrigue author Dana Marton--whose work I am absolutely over the moon about--recently posted a fun interview with me on her MySpace page: She came up with some really interesting questions, so feel free to pop on over, as I'm too swamped/lazy to blog for more than a few minutes today. And be sure to check out her January Intrigue, Sheik Seduction, which sounds AMAZING, as all her books are.

Coming later this week, I'll reveal the five biggest fashion blunders still hanging in my closet, as an apology to Mary (who is lovely) for making fun of her holiday sweaters....


MaryF said...

LOL! I will definitely have a complex next December, but I'll probably wear them anyway ;)

Great interview!

Tracy Montoya said...

Honey, if you could see me now (Police T-shirt, baggy sweats, air-drying Diana-Ross-circa-1972 hair), you wouldn't have a complex. : D

Thanks for checking it out, Mary!

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