Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Psychic Vibes

So I got this email this morning about psychic Melissa Alvarez being on a romance podcast and doing free psychic readings. Utterly unable to resist the lure of a free psychic reading or an excuse to procrastinate, I called in. Our house just went on the market today, and I was curious to know how long she thought it would take to sell.

Basically, I just wanted someone to say, "It will sell by early January at the latest, for FAR more than your asking price, and don't listen to the mean, wicked realtor who's telling you to put all of your bookshelves into storage."

Unfortunately, Melissa did not say that. She predicted six months. I am hoping that knowledge of today's truly craptacular real estate market interfered with her psychic vibes, and what she REALLY meant to say was, "It will sell by early January at the latest, for FAR more than your asking price, and don't listen to the mean, wicked realtor who's telling you to put all of your bookshelves into storage."

(BTW, my realtor is actually a very nice man who is just trying to help me stage my house so it sells well. But honestly, put my BOOKS in the GARAGE? He might as well ask me to put my HUSBAND in the garage. And yes, I'm exaggerating, but STILL....)

I also told her we were headed into a time of major life transitions, and asked if she thought that the direction in which we're headed (in JANUARY, dammit! JANUARY!) was the right one.

Melissa said that our move is going to be a good one. She said it's going to be colder (and with a plan to go to Minnesota, we can't really get much colder. Unless I wanted to be Cathy's neighbor. Which, lovely as she is, I do not.). She also predicted that I'm going to have some kind of new opportunity, which will unexpectedly fall into my lap, where I will be working with books and rolling files. I have never had a burning desire to be a librarian, but I do love editing, so we'll see! And she said that the book I'm working on now will be published in a year and two months.

Guess I need to get cracking on finishing that proposal. (It's not an Intrigue, though I still plan to keep writing for Intrigue for as long as the editors can stand me.)

It will be fun to see what happens.


Jennifer McKenzie said...

I didn't know you were MOVING!!!!! And put your books away? Who are these people buying houses that you have to hide the books?
*shakes head*
Well, good luck with the move. And I'm dying to know what your proposal is that isn't an Intrigue!!!

Cathy in AK said...

I'd love to have a psychic reading, but part of me fears what they say will be correct : )

Oh, I feel for your moving/house selling tribulations. It took us a bit longer to sell than we'd hoped, too, but we were in a time crunch. To help with staging, we rented a 9'x 12' storage unit (no garage) and cleared out all the books, shelves, and extra crap that had accumulated. It's amazing what you can live without. The house looked a little bare, but it was easier to clean too. And stuff was already mostly packed when we were ready to load the truck.

Hey, it's not so cold here. True, we have snow already, but it's only in the low 30s. And we have a lot more mountains than Minnesota ; )

Tracy Montoya said...

Yep, Jen, we're moving. Jose is retiring from the Navy after 20 years, and we're moving closer to family. (And out of the Land of Endless Summer and Bugs--huzzah!)

The proposal is a women's fiction with more snarkiness than my Intrigues. Mother/daughter story with a romance thrown in. I'll post details if anything ever becomes of it!

Tracy Montoya said...

AK is DEFINITELY prettier than most of Minnesota, Cathy, though the area along the Mississippi where there are bluffs is glorious in the fall. I'm going to have to rent a storage unit, I think, though Jose keeps promising that he CAN clear enough room in the garage for my books and small pieces of unnecessary furniture. (He can't, but I'm humoring him right now.)

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