Tuesday, August 21, 2007

What Cracked Me Up Today

(Hi, Jen. No, I'm not dead. I'm just in deadline prugatory between work and books, and Something Had to Give, namely this blog. I'll be back blogging soon, I promise--even though I've been a bit of a blog slug all year.)

So today while I was reading the news online, I saw a brief article about the Australian spotted jellyfish, which has recently been migrating far north and is invading the Gulf of Mexico, where it is threatening to utterly disrupt the already fragile ecosystem by gorging its little jelly self on fish eggs and shrimp larvae. Curious as to how undulating hordes of Australian spotted jellyfish got this far north--and wondering whether global warming was to blame--I read on, and discovered that it's been traveling long distances not by blobbing pleasantly along across thousands of miles in that signature, soothing jellyfish way, but by slurping itself to the side of ships and hitching a ride to Mexican waters.

Now an article that talks about invasive species, ecosystem disruption, and the decimation of entire industries--in this case, Gulf fishing and shrimping--would hardly be amusing to most people, and I daresay, it wasn't to me. But then I started reading the commentary that AOL so thoughtfully allows readers the space to provide. Generally, I avoid AOL news commentary, because much of it is either batcrap crazy or grossly intolerant, racist, homophobic, and all kinds of offensive.

But underneath today's jellyfish invasion story was this little gem:

Oh No! The Jellyfish are comming[sic]! REPENT SINNERS, REPENT! Your [sic] gonna be at the beach, fornicating (or whatever you sinners do) and you'r [sic] gonna look up, and BAM! everyones [sic] gone! RAAAAAPPPPPTUUUUREEEEE!

Yes, it's childish and ignorant, but it made me laugh, so there.


Cathy in AK said...

Jellyfish: Harbingers of the Apocalypse. At least if you're a fornicating beach goer. (Remind me to keep my flip-flops on when I'm there.)

Who knew? Other than this guy, I mean.

Tracy Montoya said...

I sure didn't, Cathy. And I'm with you on the flip flops. Or maybe putting Tyvek envelopes on our feet would be a better idea?

Sharron McClellan said...

I like that--Harbingers of the Apocalype. If so, there there must be the Four Seahorsemen...

Jennifer McK said...

Oh Man!!! That cracks me up too! And LOL at the Four Seahorsemen.

(Glad you're back. I missed ya.)

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