Friday, October 06, 2006

The Psychology of Car Color

So I found this interesting article on AOL--which was quoted from the “Fun at Work” blog by Robin Thompson who quoted from an article in the June 20th 2005 edition of the Register-Herald in Beckley, West Virginia ... Oh, wait. I'm looking at the article again, and it said it got it's information from PEOPLE! Stop it. Just stop.

Anyway, according to whomever, a UK study by an unidentified source (ARGH! ARGH!) noted that there are distinct characteristics common to people who choose certain colors for their cars. I'm always game for a cheap personality test, so I, of course, glommed right onto it.

I tend to stick to two colors when it comes to cars--red or, if red isn't available, black. I also love British racing green, but I've never been able to afford a car that looks awesome in that color. Or even comes in that color. My beloved Scion XB now comes in a shockingly acidic shade of lime, but no racing green.

So it was interesting to see that this study (which I could go dig up, but I'm feeling too lazy) showed that "the most dangerous drivers" tend to drive black cars. They allegedly have an aggressive personality or are someone who's a rebel.

I think I'm a pretty good driver. I can be a little aggressive, but only in that I shout at other drivers when I'm alone in the car, or when they nearly kill me and mine. Which, in my current home city, is more often than any place I've ever been. But when it comes to my driving, I like to keep things nice and safe. Rebel? Maybe a bit.... OK, maybe more than a bit, in some ways, but it's not like I've pierced my entire face and am running around with magenta hair or anything. But, according to this study, black car=aggressive, rebellious crazy person.

The second most dangerous drivers tend to drive silver cars. (My grandparents have always, and I mean, ALWAYS driven silver cars, generally with maroon interiors.) Silver car drivers are "calm, cool, and aloof. (Except in the case of my grandparents who are indeed calm, but not cool (in an icy way), and DEFINITELY not aloof.) So basically, silver car=serial killer.

Green cars represent eco-friendliness and life, though these drivers may choose their green car to manifest severe jealousy, inexperience, and hysterical tendencies. Green=needy whack job who recycles.

Yellow "is sunshine and denotes a happy person," but also is the color of cowardice and deceit. However, yellow cars can be idealistic and novelty loving. So, yellow=pathological liar disguised as happy idealist.

Apparently, the only good people in the world drive blue cars. Blue represents strength, steadfastness, and friendliness. People in blue cars are more introspective and cautious. Blue=friendly.

Oh, wait, good people drive gray cars as well. Gray car drivers are calm, sober, dedicated to their work, and seldom show strong emotion. Gray=boring.

My absolute favorite car color, red, "is Cupid and the devil." (I'm not kidding--that's what it says.) People in red cars are full of zest, energy, and drive. They think, move, and talk quickly. SO red car=fun, energetic person OR the devil. (Heh.)

Pink cars are driven by gentle, loving, and affectionate drives. Pink=sweet person or Mary Kay saleswoman.

White is my father's favorite car color. White represents cleanliness, purity, and innocence. (I can hear Dad snorting now.) White car drivers are the second safest on the road, and they are also status-seeking extroverts. (Dad's neither status-seeking nor the most extroverted person in the world. He and I are quite alike--we're introverts who can fake being extroverted until we're genuinely comfortable.) So white=extroverted snob.

The safest drivers allegedly choose cream-colored cars. These drivers are "contained and self-controlled." Cream=REALLY boring.

Basically, I think someone in the UK just drives a blue car and hates everyone else. But for your amusement, I thought I'd share....


Mariann said...

Fascinating article. I've heard that red cars get the most speeding tickets, but never any info about other colors. I suppose it makes sense that black cars correlate to aggressiveness, or rather aloofness, but I don't agree with the silver assessment. I drive silver and I'm anything but aggressive.

It's funny, but based on this article, blue is definitely the best color for my personality type to drive. :)

The Queen-a Athena said...

So basically, silver car=serial killer.

OH COOL! I've never been a serial killer before!!

Though, let's be honest. Where's the category for "it was used and in our price range and still in good shape so we bought it with no choice of color?"

Jen said...

I was LAUGHING MY BUTT off. That's hilarious. I drive a white car and have the most speeding tickets in the house.
I guess I need a black car.
My favorite? "A Whack job who recycles". OH man LOL.
You crack me up.
My husband's is grey. I'll have to tell him he's boring. I don't think he know.

Jen said...

I was LAUGHING MY BUTT off. That's hilarious. I drive a white car and have the most speeding tickets in the house.
I guess I need a black car.
My favorite? "A Whack job who recycles". OH man LOL.
You crack me up.
My husband's is grey. I'll have to tell him he's boring. I don't think he know.

Sharron said...

I've been accused of being Satan. And that would explain the penchant for red....Sharron

MaryF said...

YAY, blue!

Funny, my eco-unfriendly Land Cruiser is green ;)

Tracy Montoya said...

Mariann, based on your online presence, I can see blue suiting you!

Chris, I think in your case, you'd have to go with what you WOULD have chosen, rather than what finances made you choose!

Jen, I hope your husband didn't mind that the Brits think he's boring. : D

Sharron, O co-Satan, of COURSE you need a red car.

Mary, is your XB blue? They didn't even have blue on the lot when I bought mine--just black, maroon, and gray.

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