Wednesday, December 14, 2005

What Cracked Me Up Today

Just had to share what has to be the best Christmas decoration ever. This year, Urban Outfitters came out with the "Charlie Brown Pathetic Tree," a plastic and wire replica of the infamous tree from "A Charlie Brown Christmas," complete with splintered wooden cross base and the one ornament that Charlie Brown put on it (after which he declares, "I've killed it."). I nearly died laughing when I first saw it online. Here's a photo:

Although Urban Outfitters is no longer selling it on its Web site, you can still find them in UO stores across the US. Also, some usurious Christmas jerks on eBay are selling them for double or triple the price....

The box (also shown above) is also a trip. Underneath the declaration that "THIS TREE NEEDS YOU," it says "One tree for you to love." Ingenious! I wonder why no one ever thought of this before?

Anyway, my brother Tom (yesterday's guest blogger) found several Pathetic Trees at a local UO store in Minneapolis and is sending me one as a Christmas present. I, in turn, bought one for my brother Troy, whom our mother often refers to as "my little Charlie Brown." Long story (or series of stories) as to why (most having to do with bouts of chronic bad luck, horrifying clumsiness, or his ability to look more pathetic than a baby seal), but suffice to say, this tree was made for him.

As you're busy buying gifts for families in need and planning your year-end charitable giving, you might want to give a Pathetic Tree a home while you're at it. Because we all need somebody (or something) to love....

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